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Brett Brzeski – Prescott, AR

“I tag my calves at birth using the blank Z Tags and permanent marker, labeling the calf tag with the same identification as the dam. With the two-piece tags, I always had to be careful not to lose the button. I would get ready to apply the tag only to find the button had fallen off. The tag itself would often slide out of the holder. When tagging newborns, I not only have to secure the calf, but keep an eye on mama as well. She may not always be happy about the idea of me grabbing her newborn baby to put the tag in its ear. The last thing I need is a malfunction of my tagging system.

With one-piece Z Tags, I no longer have to worry about losing the tag or the button. If I put the tagger in my back pocket, the tag is ready to go when I take it out. I can also easily rotate the tag on the applicator to match the ear I am tagging. As an added bonus, I have less tear-outs with the Z Tags. My record system relies heavily on the ear tag, so a high level of tag retention is very important. Z Tags is a great product and an important part of my operation.”

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