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Look at What Livestock Producers Are Saying About Z Tags.

Z Tags were introduced in 1992, and the unique, flexible one-piece design and advanced application system quickly became a big hit with livestock producers around the globe. Here’s why:

  • Superior retention
  • Outstanding readability
  • Easier application
  • No more torn ears
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • A wide range of sizes & colors

Now, we also offer an advanced two-piece design with the same superior Z Tag advantages. So whichever tags you choose, you can rest assured your Z Tags will last as long as the animals who wear them.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what livestock producers in your area have to say about their Z Tags below:

Z Tags are the only dangle tags we use. Best application.
T Wright Dickinson, Maybell, CO
I used the Z Tags on my calves last spring and they work a lot better than button tags. The buttons seem to get caught on hay feeders and rip out. I noticed that's where a lot of the button tags are - around the ring feeders.
Danny Brown, Elkton, SD
We use green tags for our heifers and white tags for our steers. Lighter tags so we can identify cows more quickly. We create our own numbering system.
Frank Pool, Monticello, GA
Very easy to use, can do it one handed. Love it for cows, anybody can do it.
Yvonne DeVoe, Monroe, WI
I think Z Tags are the best tags for today's rancher. I used to use the standard 2 piece tags and have ripped many ears on the cattle when they pull back before I could open the applicator. With Z Tags, they can pull back all day long and never rip an ear. I also noticed that the older cattle I have with the 2 piece tags in, come up missing tags. I can't identify them because all my black cattle look the same. With Z Tags I have never lost a Z Tag yet and the numbers never fade. I can always read them.
Chris Chaffin, Nixon, TX
I am a Canadian cattle producer who has used Z Tags as soon as I became aware of them 10 years back. As you may be aware, our all-knowing government introduced a trace-back system for cattle, which required CCIA tags. There tags were Allflex dangle tags, which in our environment are notorious for falling out due to bush, self-feeders, poor buttons, etc.Now we are forced to use EID tags with same application. It would be great if Z Tags had an EID tag that these government people would approve.For ID purposes, I use Z Tags. A great tag, like it a lot. I put it in and it stays in.
Ray Prevost - Lac La Biche , Alberta, Canada
We use 10,000 a year and they stay in good and are easy to read. They don't cross contaminate from ear to ear.
Howard Ranches Inc, Waurika, OK
We don't use any ear tags EXCEPT Z Tags on our 130 cow dairy herd, both cows and calves.  100% better retention than our previous tags.
Steve Ellinghuysen, Altura, MN
I like the fact the tag doesn't rip the ear when the cow jerks. The applicator doesn't go flying.
Bryan Lawson, Ellenboro, NC
We are just a small cow/calf operation, normally running 20-25 pairs. My brother used Y-TEX and/or Duflex tags and, on average, had to replace 5 or 6 tags per year. He also was constantly changing pins and trying to figure out which backs went with which tags.I have been using Z Tags for the last 6 years and have replaced only one calf tag. I found it in a bale ring with a bale I had missed a couple strings on and am guessing a string got looped around it. However it happened, there was no ear damage. I cleaned it up and put the same tag back in the same hole and it was still there when shipped as a yearling.Needless to say, my brother now uses Z Tags also. We use different colors for co-mingling herds on leased land through the breeding season into fall. I prefer the green-bright color with great contrast. They make animals super easy to identify and sort. I wouldn't use anything else.
Mike Huffman,
Z Tags work for me in rough country and in the lots and you can read them on the run. You can also color sort if you want to.
Bob Frost , Sanjon, NM
I buy most of my steers from the local auction house. If they do not have a tag or the tag looks bad, I use Z Tags on them. Over the years, I have noticed that some of the other brands would have to be replaced in time due to wear and tear or failure, and they are replaced with Z Tags. Thanks Z Tags for putting out a quality product.
Barry Huber, Winslow, IL.
We use the Z Tags on our calves.  They're great because they are easy to move around between pastures and transport.  They're much more convenient to use when you don't have work space readily available.  Plus, Z Tags are quicker to apply when working a lot of calves.
Bobbi Ann Shanks, Columbus, KS
I'm Leo Sutterfield of Mountain View, AR a cow/calf operator for the past 25 years. Early on I tried various types of ear tags, but about 15 years ago, I found Z Tags and I would never go back to anything else. I find the retention rate to be phenomenal.We tag our new calves with the Z Tags calf tags and our mama cows with the adult tags. We never seem to have to re-tag, and find keeping our inventory to be much easier with Z Tags.Great tag!!
Leo C Sutterfield JR., Mtn View, AR
We have been using Z Tags for several years. We put the 1-piece tags in the calves at birth and use the less-known 2-piece tags in our replacement heifers. There is great retention and little fading on the tags.
Nancy Bath,
We use Z Tags on our farm for our cattle because we've found that the tags stay in better.
Janie Yeargin, Greenfield, TN
After losing ear tags, we tried Z Tags. We will never use any other tag again. They stay in place. The backs don't pop off. We have put all other tags away, they aren't worth the trouble they cause. Z Tags are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I can't say enough about how great Z Tags are. I encourage you to try them just once and I know you won't use anything else again.
Annette Cutliff, Mason, TN
Between 3 different operations and almost 6 years I have loved using Z Tags, at Taylor Cattle we use these tags for newborn calves.  They are lightweight and easy to read and apply.  With no buttons these tags work great to get in a calf and don't tear nearly as much.  I would recommend them to anyone tagging cattle.
Kevin Perkins, Crestwood, KY
We love the Z Tags on our operation. The kids are helping. The Z Tags are so easy to use. There is no better.
Larry Keith, Austinville, VA
We use the Z Tags on our calves.  They're great because they are easy to move around between pastures and transport.  They're much more convenient to use when you don't have work space readily available.  Plus, Z Tags are quicker to apply when working a lot of calves.
Bobbi Ann Shanks, Columbus, KS
I have used Z Tags and was well pleased. The pivoting pin on the applicator was very effective.
Mike Young, Lawrenceburg, TN
I use the Z Tags because they stay in for the life of the cow.  They are easy to apply and you do not have to worry about torn ears.
David Reid, Cookville, TN
I have used Z Tags and was well pleased. The pivoting pin on the applicator was very effective.
Mike Young, Lawrenceburg, TN
I have been using Z Tags for 2 years now and none of my tags have fallen out.  For years I had trouble losing them until going to Z Tags.  I recommend them highly to all of my farm friends.  They also don't fade and are hardy as well.
Rachel Kundert, Lake Geneva, WI
I use the Z Tags because they stay in for the life of the cow. They are easy to apply and you do not have to worry about torn ears.
Dr. Matthew Garcia, Baton Rouge, LA
We calve out in the pasture and when you have a mama cow breathing down your neck, we use Z Tags because they are quick, durable and they are the most reliable tag on the market today.
Jeff Smeenk, Newell, SD
Z Tags stay in the cows ears longer, one product not 2 things to put in the cows ears.
Chuck Van Otegham, Hatrwick, IA
I have used Z Tags for 3 years in my stocker operation and have been well pleased.
Larry Wilson, Newpoint, TN
I like using Z Tags because of the ease of use.  Pre-printed tags are very easy to read and they do not come out.  It is nice not to have to worry.
Jason Benoit, Welsh, LA
Best tag on the market.Why?1) 1 piece2) Highest % retention3) Variety of colors4) Economic value.
David W Hamilton, Thedford, NE
We run around 100 head of registered Gelbviech cattle in southeast Kansas. We have been using Z Tags for 3 years now after trying what seemed like every other brand. It seems that we would lose at least 30% of the other brands, no matter what the conditions or the brand. Since switching to the Z Tags, we have had much better results.Since we tag all calves at birth with date and sire date, it is important for us not to lose tags. With even a handful of tags missing on a bunch of black calves, it takes a lot of work to figure out who is who. Thanks for making a great product. Attached in a picture of a handful of our fall bulls with Z Tags in. Notice none are missing.
Jeff Cleland Cleland Cattle Company, Arma, KS
I like Z Tags because of easy application and they will stay in longer than other tags I have used.  I am planning on converting all my tags to Z Tags.
Mark Yeatts, Abingdon, VA
Awesome & very helpful company.
Rebecca Wilson, Somerset, KY
We have been using Z Tags for several years. We dairy and Z Tags have a lot longer retention than any other tag we have used. When we buy replacements we replace their tags with Z Tags, they work for us.
Bryant Fisher, Yantis, TX
Best tag money can buy, nothing better. Haven't lost a tag in 2 years use from day 1. Color stays on the tag. Would not buy any other tag.
Tim Yeadon, Slayton, MN
I use Z Tags exclusively in our feedlot & Cow-Calf operation. Loss is less than 2%. I love them.
Glenn Rowe Farms, Lorimor, IA
I have used the cheap tag from some stores and they hardly lasted a year. The owner of the feed store we use told me to use Z Tags and haven't had a problem since. Thanks Z Tags!!!
Scott Gotcher, Manvel, TX
I have tried all types of ID cow tags and Z Tags and are the ones that stay in the cow/calf ear and holds their visibility for years.
Tommy Martin, Moundville, AL
They are great. You don't have to keep up with 2 different things. (tag & button) I tag all of my baby calves. There was nothing more aggravating than catching a calf and not having a button for my tag. I do not have to worry about that now since I use Z Tags.
Logan Roberts, Memphis, TN
We have been using One-piece Z Tags for about 12 years on all our dairy cattle.  We use the Cow tags even though we start with baby calves.  The larger size makes for easier reading in the field.  Thanks for a great product.
Ona Sidebottom, Greensburg, KY
They don't tear the cows ear.
Frank Lawson, Ellenboro, NC
I like to use Z Tags because of no torn ears, no pins to keep up with, ease of use and they hold ink well.
Tommy Widener, Glade Spring, VA
We have used the Z Tags for the past 3-4 years, mainly because we believe they have better retainment in the cattle's ears. We started using an ear tag method back in the late 60's when I was in college and used several different brands.We have always used large cattle orange-colored tags in both cows and calves (at 60 years of age, my vision ain't what it use to be) and then write on the numbers to correspond with the cow number-and change out those kept for replacements.
Richard Britzman, Glasgow, MT
I have been ranching in Wyoming and raising cattle for 40 years and have used about every ear tag, made as well as the ink for them. I have put on thousands of tags, and in my opinion, there is no ear tag on the market as good as Z Tags. They have superior retention, ease of application is the best on the market with the break away tagger, and the ink will hold up to time and not fade off the tags like all others do. I have been using Z Tags for 10 plus years and would not even consider another ear tag.Z Tags have proven themselves in our cattle operation time and time again to be SUPERIOR in every way to all other ear tags on the market.
Pete Thompson, Big Piney, WY
Great tags and even better marker.
Mike Canal, Baton Rouge, LA
We are in the stocker business so we use the large blank feedlot tags, 90-120 days. We've been using the Z Tags for about 12 years. They are very simple to apply. Retention rate is very good. They are inexpensive compared to the 2 piece tags we used in the past.
Vince Rawe, California, KY
Z Tags are the greatest for retention and long-lasting color. On 400 head, we have a 98% retention rate.
Mike Shaw , Babb, MT
Z Tags are the only tags that stay there and last in our females in a rotational grazing system where they encounter rough ground and some trees and brush. They are cow friendly, even in the coldest wettest conditions.
Trevor Toland, Macomb, IL
I use Z Tags all the time, very dependable, better than Allflex (Hols. Assoc Tags). Very easy to use.
Robert J Eustice, Byron, MN
Love the durability and ease of first use.
Gary Hoffner, Yuma, CO

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