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Look at What Livestock Producers Are Saying About Z Tags.

Z Tags were introduced in 1992, and the unique, flexible one-piece design and advanced application system quickly became a big hit with livestock producers around the globe. Here’s why:

  • Superior retention
  • Outstanding readability
  • Easier application
  • No more torn ears
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • A wide range of sizes & colors

Now, we also offer an advanced two-piece design with the same superior Z Tag advantages. So whichever tags you choose, you can rest assured your Z Tags will last as long as the animals who wear them.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what livestock producers in your area have to say about their Z Tags below:

Z Tags are the best. Don't have to worry about buttons. Fast and easy to use.
Louis Montoya, NM
I use Z Tags daily in my backgrounding operation. I have excellent retention and they are very easy to apply. They are priced very reasonable.
Jackie Moore, Mt Vernon, MO
We use Z Tags on our farm for our cattle because we've found that the tags stay in better.
Janie Yeargin, Greenfield, TN
These Z Tags stay in better than any product on the market. I stop working cattle if I run out until I can resupply. You have absolutely no ripped ears with this tag.
Rod Kuegal, Owensboro, KY
They are great. You don't have to keep up with 2 different things. (tag & button) I tag all of my baby calves. There was nothing more aggravating than catching a calf and not having a button for my tag. I do not have to worry about that now since I use Z Tags.
Logan Roberts, Memphis, TN
Great tags, require no tab, that's what I like. Easy to use.
William Bratton, Warm Springs, VA
I like Z Tags because of easy application and they will stay in longer than other tags I have used.  I am planning on converting all my tags to Z Tags.
Mark Yeatts, Abingdon, VA
I got these for my cows, but they worked so good that I'm tagging everything now! Tagged my horses, tagged my dog, all kinds of stuff. My wife would be a lot happier if you made one in gold though - the plastic really clashes with the rest of her jewelry.
Frank, St. Louis, MO
Z tags are easy to use on calves and they are easy to take out. They save us a lot of time.
Michelle Marohl , Solen, ND
Tags are simple and safe to use. They stay in the ear and don't fall out.
Wesley Adam Green, Shirley, IL
We have used the Z Tags for the past 3-4 years, mainly because we believe they have better retainment in the cattle's ears. We started using an ear tag method back in the late 60's when I was in college and used several different brands.We have always used large cattle orange-colored tags in both cows and calves (at 60 years of age, my vision ain't what it use to be) and then write on the numbers to correspond with the cow number-and change out those kept for replacements.
Richard Britzman, Glasgow, MT
Great tags, require no tab, that's what I like. Easy to use.
William Bratton, Warm Springs, VA
Z Tags work well on my farm. They are easy to use and they won't pull out or fade. I like the feedlot tags because they are inexpensive and work well on my stocker operation.
Matthew Dziadkowiec, Hillsboro, TN
I purchase 2-year heifers and the ranch I buy from uses Z Tags. We have been using Y-Tex tags, but leave the original Z Tags intact.On the preprinted Y-Tex tags, we have had to replace almost all of them in less than 2 years because of fade. And the ones that hadn't faded, we had to replace because of loss. Thank goodness we left the original Z Tags intact or else we would of never been able to know what number went with what cow. In almost 200 heifers, I don't believe we have lost any of the Z Tags and are going to switch to Z Tags exclusively in our operation.
Brad Creech, Manager, Harbach Cattle Co. , Ava, MO
I switched to Z Tags after finding the ease of the gun compared to the standard button tag.  I found less pull on the ear.  The tags have not come out of the ear where I have lost button tags and had to replace them with Z Tags.
Tom Neidermeier, Rock City, IL
I tag my calves at birth using the blank Z Tags and permanent marker, labeling the calf tag with the same identification as the dam. With the two-piece tags, I always had to be careful not to lose the button. I would get ready to apply the tag only to find the button had fallen off. The tag itself would often slide out of the holder. When tagging newborns, I not only have to secure the calf, but keep an eye on mama as well. She may not always be happy about the idea of me grabbing her newborn baby to put the tag in its ear. The last thing I need is a malfunction of my tagging system.With one-piece Z Tags, I no longer have to worry about losing the tag or the button. If I put the tagger in my back pocket, the tag is ready to go when I take it out. I can also easily rotate the tag on the applicator to match the ear I am tagging. As an added bonus, I have less tear-outs with the Z Tags. My record system relies heavily on the ear tag, so a high level of tag retention is very important. Z Tags is a great product and an important part of my operation.
Brett Brzeski, Prescott, AR
Love the durability and ease of first use.
Gary Hoffner, Yuma, CO
Very easy to use, can do it one handed. Love it for cows, anybody can do it.
Yvonne DeVoe, Monroe, WI
They don't tear the cows ear.
Frank Lawson, Ellenboro, NC
Z Tags are the best tag on the market. Have been using them for 20 years. Easy application and easy to read.
Bart Schnapf, Madisonville, KY
Quick & easy & durable.
Paul Parmley, Monticello, KY
I like using Z Tags because of the ease of use.  Pre-printed tags are very easy to read and they do not come out.  It is nice not to have to worry.
Jason Benoit, Welsh, LA
We use 10,000 a year and they stay in good and are easy to read. They don't cross contaminate from ear to ear.
Howard Ranches Inc, Waurika, OK
We have used Z Tags for many years and really like them. Easy application and great retention.
Amy Solsma, Sanborn, IA
I run about 200 cows in North central Kansas. The reason I use Z Tags is:
  1. No infected ear.
  2. Simplicity.
  3. No positioning of tag & button.
  4. No torn ears during the tagging process.
  5. One piece. No buttons to buy.
  6. Very durable tagger.
  7. Good retention in cattles.
  8. Much easier to tag cattle in the correct location in the ear with Z Tags.
  9. If the cow is a b***h in the chute, Z Tags are the answer.
  10. Z Tags hold ink (minimal fading).

DeAnn Ancell , Dorrance, KS
I have been using Z Tags for 2 years now. They are the only tags I have used that will not come out. It is nice to have a tag that you don't have to worry about coming out. I love using Z Tags.
Heath Lamprecht, Iron City, TN
Tags are easy to use with staying power. Applicator is light and easy to handle even with rowdy cattle.
Carla Demastis, Columbia, TN
We love the Z Tags on our operation. The kids are helping. The Z Tags are so easy to use. There is no better.
Larry Keith, Austinville, VA
I used the Z Tags on my calves last spring and they work a lot better than button tags. The buttons seem to get caught on hay feeders and rip out. I noticed that's where a lot of the button tags are - around the ring feeders.
Danny Brown, Elkton, SD
Z Tags stay in the cows ears longer, one product not 2 things to put in the cows ears.
Chuck Van Otegham, Hatrwick, IA
I have been using Z Tags for years and recommend them to all my leasing partners.  I manage over 1,000 head personally but work with over 10,000 all of which we double tag with Z Tags.  We like the technology and the ease of application, the pin never breaks.  I would never go back to a traditional 2 piece tag.  Z Tags stay in all my cattle which are spread in 30 states.
Rod Cooke, Eau Claire, WI
Best tag on the market.Why?1) 1 piece2) Highest % retention3) Variety of colors4) Economic value.
David W Hamilton, Thedford, NE
I use Y-Tex tags because that's what my family has always used since I can remember. Our herd has numerous cows and calves with split ears. I do have a cow I bought about 8 years ago with your Z Tags in her ears. Her tags are still in great shape and both of them have never ripped out. I know a lot of people that use your product and are very satisfied. I have a feeling when I start using your tags and applicator, my family will start using them also!!
Jon Griffin, Mandan, ND
We like to use Z Tags on the farm for a few reasons. There the longest-lasting tag we have found and you only have to keep up with tags and an applicator. No more lost tag backers to ruin the day! Thanks again.
Ryan Maloch,
Z Tags are convenient, easy to apply and economical. Safe on ears.
Phillip Kinslow DVM, Lebanon, TN
I use the Z Tags because they stay in for the life of the cow. They are easy to apply and you do not have to worry about torn ears.
Dr. Matthew Garcia, Baton Rouge, LA
We have been using your large yellow Z Tags for many years on our commercial Red Angus herd. The reason is: they just work for us. The percentage of our cows that lose these tags is minimal. Their one-piece construction means no lost backs. If you have the tag, you are ready to go and don't have to worry about something falling off the applicator before you can get in the ear. If something works, we like to stick with it. Thanks!
Reed V. Flake - Flake Ranch, Snowflake, AZ
We were using Duflex tags and they pulled out of the ears, tore the ears and some were in backwards. We switched to Z Tags and they are easier to use and read, they stay in the ears and are easy to put in the ear. Only 1 piece, no lost buttons! THANK YOU Z TAG! We LOVE your product!
Ladonna Yeadon, Slayton, MN
The tags last a very long time. Tags priced as real money saver. I like the way they stay in and how the applicators work, does not tear the ears.I use the tags on my mother cows and all my calves.
Daniel Beaty, Cleveland, TN
Love them for new born baby calves. Extremely easy to use. Fast, just wish the holes would not wallow out. I tend to lose tags after a year of administration. Still highly recommend Z Tags for new born calves.
David Brown, Greenback, TN
Awesome & very helpful company.
Rebecca Wilson, Somerset, KY
I buy most of my steers from the local auction house. If they do not have a tag or the tag looks bad, I use Z Tags on them. Over the years, I have noticed that some of the other brands would have to be replaced in time due to wear and tear or failure, and they are replaced with Z Tags. Thanks Z Tags for putting out a quality product.
Barry Huber, Winslow, IL.
I tag hundreds of open and bred heifers each year. Because of the ease of application and high retention rate, the Z Tag is the only tag I buy.
Mike Weimer, Emlenton, PA
I enjoy the Z Tags for the ease of use and the durability and the low price. Great product.
Matthew Anderson, Chilhowie, VA
Tags go in really easy, but the best thing is the percent of loss went down by at least ninety percent.
Joey Bass, Prospect, TN
I like Z Tags because they are fast, easy and last.
Travis Kriegel, Hartwick, IA
Z Tags are the greatest for retention and long-lasting color. On 400 head, we have a 98% retention rate.
Mike Shaw , Babb, MT
We have used Z Tags 1 piece tags for 15 years with excellent retention and very few ripped out and or lost.  Some last 15 years in our older dairy cows.
Gary Dobbs, Salem, WI
Z Tags are without question the best tagging system on the market. The best retention and no infection problems. Have been using them since 1995.
Bill Legg , Westpoint, TN
For the past several decades, we have run a commercial brangus cow herd and frequently have had at least 10 ear tags come out over the course of one year. NO MORE!! Z Tags have been a no-nonsense tag that stands up to the rigors of the tough brush our cattle have come to know as home. I have lost 1 tag in the last two years. Yes, two years, and that was due to a dog latching on a little too tight. I'm a believer and will continue to use Z Tags. Thanks for your product!
Corby Gotcher, DDS, Lake Jackson, TX

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