Hear from Z Tags Users

Mike Huffman

“We are just a small cow/calf operation, normally running 20-25 pairs. My brother used Y-TEX and/or Duflex tags and, on average, had to replace 5 or 6 tags per year. He also was constantly changing pins and trying to figure out which backs went with which tags.

I have been using Z Tags for the last 6 years and have replaced only one calf tag. I found it in a bale ring with a bale I had missed a couple strings on and am guessing a string got looped around it. However it happened, there was no ear damage. I cleaned it up and put the same tag back in the same hole and it was still there when shipped as a yearling.

Needless to say, my brother now uses Z Tags also. We use different colors for co-mingling herds on leased land through the breeding season into fall. I prefer the green-bright color with great contrast. They make animals super easy to identify and sort. I wouldn’t use anything else.”

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