Z1 No-Snag-Tag Decoration & Accessories

When It Comes To Ear Tag Readability, Z Tags Stand Out from the Crowd.


Z Tags gives you the choice of laser printing, hot stamp printing and do-it-yourself marking to match your budget and personal preference.  Regardless of which one you choose, you can rest assured that your Z Tags will remain readable for years to come.

Z1 No-Snag-Tags come in up to 9 different colors

One Piece Color Bar

Choose from 3 different ways to mark your tags


Laser Printing

Guaranteed for the life of the animal.


  • Laser printing is guaranteed readable for the life of the animalLaser on one-piece-tag
  • Highly visible. The most visible laser marking available – darker than traditional laser-only techniques
  • Virtually limitless marking options, including numbers, logos, brands and bar codes or any combination of markings
  • High definition for sharper, more detailed graphics
  • Used in official identification programs around the world



Hot Stamp Printing

Opt for our economical, yet durable hot-stamp process for numbers, letters, logos or your own special tag designs. Just supply us with the artwork and we’ll do the rest.

  • Bold, black, easy-to-read numbers
  • Numbers etched deeply into tag
  • Custom numbering an d logos available
    Hot Stamp Printing Example




Z Tags Marker

Designed exclusively for use with Z Tags, the special ink penetrates deeply into the urethane plastic for long-lasting performance.

Z Tag marker


Marker Samples












Z Tags Multi-Cutter

A versatile tool that easily removes ear tags but also functions as a general purpose cutter for twine and other material.

  • Dual razor blade design for quick and easy removal of ear tags, twine, latex bands and other material
  • Convenient hole in  handle for lanyard or nail to be hung around the farm
  • Fluorescent orange handle crafted in the U.S.A.

Z Tags Multi-Cutter


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